Speaking with Impact™ Corporate Virtual Training

Key Focus Areas:

  • Delivery Skills on Virtual Platforms
  • Building Content & Supporting Visuals
  • Combining Delivery Skills and Content


  • Develop effective communication and delivery skills for virtual presentations
  • Create compelling content and visual aids using the Speakers Target System™
  • Deliver polished presentations with clarity and impact in a virtual environment

Our Approach:

Our approach emphasizes hands-on practice, personalized coaching, and interactive learning. Participants will engage in skill-building activities, receive feedback, and apply techniques learned in real-time virtual scenarios.

Why Choose Us:

  • Certified SWI™ trainers provide expert guidance and support
  • Access to recorded video experience for enhanced learning
  • Unique methodology and training materials exclusive to SWI™ programs
  • Emphasis on participant engagement and skill development

Training options:

  • 3 day for groups of 10
  • 1 day for groups of 10+

Thank you for choosing Speaking with Impact™ for your virtual presentation skills training needs. We look forward to helping you excel in your virtual presentations!

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