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Our Speaker’s Target System™ workshop will enable attendees to use principles from Speaking With Impact™ and the flexibility of the Speaker’s Target System to influence and drive critical discussions or conversations effectively. Participants will review and practice the fundamentals of the Speaker’s Target System mind map.


An experienced-based learning process focusing on communication skills, content development, and techniques essential for virtual presenting.


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Hybrid events and meetings are now the standard design for the workplace. Many individuals and companies are grappling with maintaining effective communication when they are not in the same room as their audience. We are here to help with our foolproof techniques for making the connection from “Zoom to Room.”

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Women, now is OUR TIME to step into our leadership capabilities and use our voices to effect powerful change. What are you waiting for?! In this two-day virtual workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other women, tap into your role as a valuable contributor and successful woman, and set in motion ways to become change-makers.