Speaking with Impact™ Public In-Person Training


About Speaking with Impact™ Public In-Person Training

Our 2-day presentation skills training program will equip you with the skills, content development techniques, and confidence needed to excel in various presentation scenarios. The program will cover virtual platforms, hybrid platforms, and face-to-face interactions when presenting, talking to customers, conducting team meetings, and “All Hands” sessions. With a focus on skill-building, practice, feedback, and individualized coaching, you will learn how to effectively engage your audience, craft compelling presentations, and deliver your message with clarity and impact. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or new to the game, this program will provide the tools to take your presentation skills to the next level.

Location: DMH Headquarters 5425 Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, Suite 600

Training will include:

  • One SWI™ certified trainer will lead the training sessions.
  • Access to an individualized video experience to enhance learning.
  • Methodology and training materials will be unique to SWI™ training programs.
  • To fully participate in the workshop, attendees must complete homework and use their laptops.

Training Agenda

Delivery Skills Review & Discussion:
participants will gain a foundational understanding of communication and delivery skills through various exercises and practice activities. The session will also include opportunities for participants to share their content and receive feedback and coaching. Additionally, participants will discuss the effective utilization of the virtual environment, presentation setup, and techniques for maintaining the audience’s attention to enhance information retention.

Building Content & Supporting Visuals:
each participant will utilize the Speaking with Impact—Speakers Target System™ to develop a 5-minute presentation. This session will offer individual practice using the Speakers Target System™, and selected volunteers will share their content for feedback. In addition, the Speaking With Impact™ trainers will provide personal coaching to each participant, helping them refine their presentation skills.

Combining the Delivery Skills, Visuals, and Content:
participants will have the opportunity to combine their delivery skills, visuals, and content in a cohesive presentation. Each participant is expected to deliver a 5-minute presentation using the Speakers Target System™ and visual aids they prepared in previous sessions. The session will also include a rehearsal and a step-by-step integration of both sessions to ensure participants can deliver a polished and professional presentation. A comprehensive presentation recording will be provided along with professional feedback to help participants refine their skills further.

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