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Join Denise Harrington as she inspires women to take on a cutting-edge leadership style by standing up and using their voices.

Speak Up… Speak Out… Stand Up and Stand Out!

This podcast focuses on women’s leadership trends and ways to help women develop stronger voices in the workplace. Women Express! will lead you on a journey to find your voice. Collectively we can move mountains…

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This site provides inspiration through stories shared by women who are changing the narrative in how we lead.  WE (Women Express) shares our resources helping you find your truth, your power, your purpose, and your expression. Our hope is that you discover ways to expanded yourself and start the journey to your own legacy and masterpiece!

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Our Women Express Power Up Workshops are designed to transform and strengthen your leadership and elevate your voice. During this 2-day virtual event, you connect with other women as we engage and empower each other through meaningful discussions and engaging in powerful exercises that will give you the foundation to soar!

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Relationships and community are such an integral part of our lives. Sisterhood, motherhood, family, friends, partnerships, coworker, teams, are all relationships that we build and thrive in. We’re creating a community of women who educate and motivate each other. “We bond to succeed, we succeed when we bond as women. Relationships are our strength.”

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