How to Refine Your Virtual Presentation Skills

Is it time to brush up on your presentation skills? In today’s virtual business world, being prepared to deliver your message with impact has never been more important. Speaking With Impact™ has helped professionals from Fortune 500 companies excel when it comes to speaking and influencing the outcome of presentations and business transactions. Don’t underestimate the power of presentation skills or lack thereof. Refine your virtual presentation skills with the following techniques to make you more successful and influential:

1. Don’t let your Zoom background upstage you.
Your desk shouldn’t be the center of attention during meetings and presentations over Zoom. Instead, captivate your audience by the way you present yourself, with a tidy, well lit, and fitting background that complements your professionalism.

2. Use your mute button before somebody else does.
Life happens. Make sure what’s going on in the background of your call doesn’t distract your coworkers. Knowing Zoom etiquette is just as important as being prepared for your presentation. And, while your daughter is exceptionally cute, what she’s doing in the background of your Zoom call may not be.

3. Yes, it’s just a Zoom call, but try to be professional.
Keep your mindset consistent. Act as though you’re in a business setting and you’ll perform like you’re in a business setting. Our virtual training will prepare you for online business meetings and presentations so that you can be successful in this new paradigm. Look your best and sound your best!

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