Corporate Virtual Speaker Training

There’s Power in Virtual Presentations – Learn the Skills to Keep your Customers Engaged!

Mastering the basics of Speaking With Impact™, in concert with unique coaching on the best practices to become a key influencer on virtual platforms, is a skill set that all leaders need! Our clients have pivoted to include virtual communications in all their communications platforms. Being a high impact speaker has NEVER been more important than right now and a virtual presentation skills training can help you communicate effectively.

Speaking With Impact™ – Virtual is an experiential, online learning workshop.

Participants are coached on how to develop superior presentations skills in an interactive workshop.

Art of Speaking Virtually

You’ll master the art of speaking virtually no matter what platform of delivery from small presentations to large mainstage events. We’re committed to helping you identify and embody your Signature Style. You’ll build confidence and create the connection with your audience.

Speaker’s Target System™

You’ll learn how to develop compelling content, organizing thoughts with our trademark Speaker’s Target System™, as well as learning the best techniques for delivering messages unique to the virtual platform. Improve your communication skills and deliver your ideas to fellow executives, sales teams, the public.

Avoid Zoom Fatigue

You will also learn ways to captivate and hold the attention of your audience, helping you avoid “Zoom fatigue.” Learn how to make the most of your virtual meetings and how to present effective meeting sessions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

In addition to learning how to improve my presentation skills, I also learned so many tips and tricks that I now apply to everyday meetings that improve the quality of my conversations.”

– Speaking With Impact™ Graduate 2020