Speaking to Media

Are you Media Ready?

Talking to the media is the Olympics of Presenting!
Whether virtually, at a conference, or on a panel or even on Social Media.

In order to prepare for it, you must think of yourself as an elite athlete. It is an opportunity to expand and showcase your brand excellence.

Talking to the media is never a walk in the park. As an executive, a spokesperson, a marketer, an athlete or a celebrity you are asked to handle media requests. In a world where every word is studied, every facial expression examined and where any missteps can be magnified in seconds by millions of views – being Media Ready has never been more essential.

Through this comprehensive coaching, you will learn to generate positive media coverage with carefully crafted, targeted messages “sound bites” that enhance your brand.

Also…Social Media conversations are critical to establishing your personal and corporate brand. It’s critical to understand how to use the Social Media platform for conveying memorable and impactful conversations.

We focus on the following elements:

Media & Panel Events

Live Network / Cable Interviews

or Radio



What Our Clients Are Saying

When I left the office long after Leslie Stahl had departed, one of her techs was loading up in the parking lot. He came over to me and said, ‘Wow. Who prepped you?! That was like doing a Reagan interview. My answer was Denise Harrington.”

– Ralph Greene, Former Nike Sports Marketing Director