Leadership Webinar: Effective Change Management & Communication

Leaders dealing with organizational change – we can help.

Join Denise Harrington and Nia Harrington, alongside communication strategist Lora Stenard, to explore the core elements of transformational leadership communication. They share their expert perspectives on the power of empathy, strategic messaging, and overcoming resistance in times of significant change.

Learn to Craft messages that inform, inspire, and align your team toward a common goal. Learn from real-life examples as our experts dissect communication successes and missteps, offering actionable insights for leaders at all levels.

Topics covered:

  • Effective Change Management Communication
  • Motivating and Inspiring through Words
  • Navigating Organizational Transformation
  • The Power of Empathy in Leadership

Watch Now to Transform Your Leadership Communication

Be sure to check out our accompanying blog post that delves deeper into the topics discussed in this webinar.

Note: This video is a preview of our comprehensive leadership communication training. Contact us directly for the full leadership communication training.