Keep your employees on the job

Question: What’s a major concern of employers today?

Answer: Employee retention and engagement.

Few employers could have predicted that in 2022 their biggest challenge would be keeping employees on the job. Yet, turnover has occurred at a breathtaking pace. In March alone, a historically high 4.5 million people quit their jobs.

Stress and burnout are significant contributors to their decision to leave, with no end in sight. According to Willis Towers Watson’s 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey, 44% of employees are searching for new jobs in the name of better pay and benefits.

From small businesses to major corporations, the so-called Great Resignation has hit companies hard. Companies are searching for ways to keep their workers engaged and satisfied, but what can they do to stem the outflow?

Training employees to be effective communicators can work wonders. It is a key strategy that boosts productivity and job satisfaction in companies of every size and industry.

In this case study, we describe how communication skills training enables C-Suite executives and team managers to lead communications in a concise and compelling manner, significantly reducing employee stress and frustration. Read the case study here.

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