How to Give a Keynote Speech With Impact

They say it’s not work if you are having fun. That’s how I feel when called on to be a Keynote Speaker. It’s a true pleasure to share my knowledge, experience, and passion for training other speakers while talking before a live audience.

Over the years, I have enjoyed working with some of the best Keynote Speakers in their industries. I always work to help them improve their content, delivery, and visual support. There are a few essential elements to being mainstage ready.   Each time you present as a Keynote speaker on a main stage, the situation and audience change, and you must be “ready to rise to each occasion with clear, compelling messages.

It’s vital to understand the people you’re speaking to. Know their interests, expectations, their industry, the challenges they’re facing, and what solution you can deliver to them. By first researching the audience’s demographics and unique culture, you’ll be ready to talk with them on a personalized level. Remember, being a Keynote Speaker is about engaging with the audience, building relationships, and making an authentic, genuine connection. Listeners must be inspired, informed, and compelled to take your words and deliver them to their team or customers. Main-stage presentations are high-stakes conversations, so expert advice in managing the AV equipment, staging, and content development support is needed even if you’ve spoken at keynote events before.

Here are a few tips that will help you Speak with Impact!

Open with words that grab. A powerful opening (and closing) helps grab your listeners’ attention and make your words memorable. The opening should captivate your audience and make them want to hear more. The Close should leave them feeling inspired, excited, and ready to act! The open and close are designed to lead your audience in and out with a strong POV.

Be a masterful storyteller. Audiences love to hear stories. We all do. As a Keynote Speaker, your stories and anecdotes help make your speech real and relatable. Speaking is part entertainment as well as information. Stories build a whole picture and solidify your key messages. Mastering the art of storytelling, you will humanize complex ideas and add shine to the delivery.

Use the strategy of 3.  The mind remembers best in 3’s: your mind AND the listeners.  Using the strategy of three will help you deliver clear, concise messages.  The audience will appreciate content that flows with a message that is to the point.  And you will walk away knowing what you conveyed.

Use the Communication Skills. Each of us is born with a unique presence, BUT to be your authentic self, you must override nervous habits. Learning the skills of communication will do just that. By utilizing communication skills, you can augment your expression and convey your authenticity; you’ll perceived as more authentic and create a genuine connection. Try speaking from a place closer to your heart than your intellect. At Speaking With Impact, we believe in the importance of using communication skills as the foundation for being an authentic, memorable, and masterful Keynote Speaker.

“Speaking With Impact™ helped prepare me for my most important mainstage presentation to approximately 2,000 participants. Her guidance on delivery and on content creation was masterful.” – Jim Sheriff, former SVP Worldwide Sales, Cisco

Here are a few other tips that will help you be an outstanding Keynote Speaker:

  • Practice, then practice some more. A solid comfort level with your material gives you the confidence you need to be relaxed in front of an audience. And it improves the flow of your speech while pushing out fear. Practice is not necessarily about memorizing lines; it’s more about mastering the outline’s significant points.
  • Use visuals to supplement your message, not to overshadow it. They should be clear, concise, and in harmony with your spoken content. Too much text or imagery can be distracting for the audience.
  • Harness your pre-speech nerves by positively channeling them. Deep breathing, visualization, and even a little exercise can help alleviate stage fright. Keep in mind even seasoned speakers get nervous. They leverage it to their advantage.

As a speaker, you help set the tone for the entire event. You can influence, inspire, inform, entertain, and drive a central message home. What an awesome opportunity!

Beyond that, being a Keynote Speaker is more than just delivering a single speech. It’s about creating a memorable experience that will stay with the audience long after the event.

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Are you ready to take the next step?

Unleash your power and improve your overall speaking and presentation skills. Our comprehensive training and coaching services focus on key elements, including:

Master Your Stage Presence: Learn how to command the stage with a presence and delivery style that engages your listeners.

Develop Stellar Content: With our signature methodology, the Speaker’s Target System™, we help you craft your message to resonate deeply with your audience.

Create Memorable Visuals: Our team will guide you in creating PowerPoint presentations and other visuals that work in tandem with your message, not against it.

Manage Message Flow: Learn how to use confidence monitors to ensure the smooth delivery of your speech.

Learn the Equipment: We’ll teach you how to become “bigger” than the AV equipment, mastering the use of lights, cameras, and props to your advantage.

Prepare for Delivery: We prepare you for rehearsals and dry runs to ensure you’re confident and ready to deliver an impactful keynote.

With our guidance, you can transform your speaking from good to great, becoming a powerful and inspiring Keynote Speaker. Learn how.

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