Denise Harrington

Founder & CEO of Speaking With Impact™ Programs

Denise Harrington is a Visionary, Business Leader, Entrepreneur, & Communications Expert.

Thirty years ago, Denise Harrington stepped out onto the stage of a major business club to give a speech on the “Art of Speaking With Impact™.” That day, DMH Consulting Group and a legacy began!

Denise, as a communication expert and trusted advisor to C-Suite Executives, Marketing Professionals, and Sales Teams, directs them to be more persuasive in how they connect with their clients, customers, direct reports, and stakeholders. She promotes speaking confidently on some of the most visible global topics such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, disruptive innovation, customer-focused initiatives, emerging markets, and managing media crises. She also inspires women to take on a cutting-edge leadership style by standing up and using their voices.

Denise and her team have delivered their signature program Speaking With Impact™ to an impressive global client list, consisting of companies like Nike, Autodesk, Siemens, Microsoft, CommScope, and Cisco. She brings strength to the table when working with C-Suite Executives, Premier Athletes, Political Leaders, and Business Owners.

And now, with today’s COVID ‘19 crisis, she challenges her clients to become exceptionally creative and mindful of how they communicate, especially on the virtual platforms. She has laid the foundation for launching the Speaking With Impact™ programs into the digital future with confidence and reliability.

Denise believes that “leadership presence, along with clarity of message, is an essential key to inspire and connect a world that Speaks With Impact!”